Smile Bracelets

At PagaBags, we work with 28 women waste collectors who sort out the plastic bags we use to create our cloth made of cotton and recycled plastic. These women are involved in a small revenue generating activity: they make beautiful traditional bangles out of eucalyptus leaves and plastic strands. We call them the Smile Bracelets.

créatrice smile bracelet pagabags 2.jpg

In July 2016, we launched a campaign called “Smile For Women” to finance a healthcare program. Each purchase of the Smile Bracelets provided a woman with healthcare coverage for one year.

The bracelets are now part of the PagaBags jewelry collection and the sales provide healthcare coverage for everyone working at PagaBags.


Buy a Smile Bracelet and be part of a creative fashion statement that tells a story of Positive Change in the livelihood of women. 


Creating Smile Bracelets