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My first bag in « recycled cloth », a unique material made with recycled plastic bags woven with cotton, was designed in 2013.  I strongly believed that by organizing waste collectors and associating them with artisans in the field of weaving and sewing that we could create a small fashion business that would have the virtue of cleaning the neighborhoods while creating jobs and empowering women artisans.  Along the way, inspired by people and artisans I met, my collection grew, with new bags and accessories, home products, and a jewelry line made with recycled plastic.

I called the project PagaBags. “Paga” means “woman” in Mooré, the local language of Ouagadougou, Burkina’s capital. 

I established a business model based on social values.  At PagaBags, we take care of the women we work with by offering decent wages and working conditions ; we promote empowerment through professional training and a back-to-school program;  we take care of families by offering health care for all ; and  we take care of the planet by reducing, reusing and recycling material and by not polluting to start with ! 

We never stop innovating to fulfill our high social and environmental standards.


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