Appelant tous les révolutionnaires de la mode

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The Fashion Revolution is finally happening! 

For those who have not yet heard, the Fashion Revolution is a social movement of concerned citizens who are leading a campaign to expose labor abuse and price squeezing in the fashion industry. Their hashtag #WhoMadeMyClothes demands transparency in the supply chain by putting human faces next to each product. They want to know how the people who actually make our clothes are treated, from designers to manufacturers to distributors.

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Their hashtag #IMadeYourClothes offers a forum for fashion people, designers, and producers to pull back the curtain and get recognition for their high social and environmental standards of production in creating fashion that promotes people and the planet. 

This week, the Fashion Revolution movement is creating a gigantesque buzz to raise consumer awareness and put pressure on companies. Taking advantage of all the social networks available, they are spreading a positive essential message: We all have a role in the Fashion Revolution. 

We at PagaBags gratefully endorse this campaign. We want you to meet our producers, to care about how they are treated, to consider our impact on the planet. The sense of appreciation expressed through this movement for companies like ours is encouraging to say the least: “Behind the label” is what makes us PagaBags.

You, as a consumer, can also be a Fashion Revolutionary by being a consumer who dares to say,“I can change the world” with my own personal choices. No science is needed, no new technologies, just personal choices.

So get involved, and stay involved:

BE CURIOUS about how our clothes are made and who made them.

FIND OUT, get in contact with brands and ask them #whomademyclothes  

SPREAD THE WORD to raise awareness and support OUR MOVEMENT.

FOLLOW US this week on InstagramTwitter and Facebook @PagaBags where each day we will introduce you to people who can proudly say #IMadeYourClothes.

To learn more about how your PagaBags and Paga jewelry is made, check out Behind the Label!

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