Talented. Innovative. Creative. Generous.

We work with three photographers who dedicate some of their valuable time to PagaBags on a voluntary basis out of friendship, interest, and commitment to the project and its values.


Hugo de Piccoli

A travel and outdoors enthusiast, Hugo brings PagaBags products on his different ventures to our great enjoyment. Passionate about photography, he brings an unexpected point of view to his images, inspiring the viewer with his worldwide adventures. Discover his photographs and ahis inspirations on his site adifferentstory


Cécile Rouin

Cécile is a graduate of the Bloo school in Lyon. She loves to work with brands that respect the planet and advance environmental causes. Cécile has created beautiful shots of our products in relaxed urban settings, taken in side streets from Lyon to Saint Jean and on the slopes of the Croix-Rousse neighborhood. Find her work here.


Floriane Broyer

A graduate of Liège, Floriane is a young photographer who blends the subject of the photo with a sense of introspection. Everything around her is a source of inspiration. We have worked with Floriane to show off our products in natural and rural environments: around a small village, in a church doorway, against a stone wall… Discover her photographic works on her website.